Woodworking Academy, Inc., Raleigh, NC
Factory Authorized Shopsmith Repair Service

We are the only Factory Authorized Shopsmith Service Center on the East Coast

We have many years of experience with Shopsmith equipment, using, repairing, servicing and giving instruction to students on how to use these unique machines. We don’t just service the mark v headstock, but most other Shopsmith equipment as well. I purchased my first Shopsmith in 1985 and have build many projects with it. At one point when I first began the Woodworking Academy, Inc. I had six Shopsmith Mark V’s. Since then I have taught close to hundreds of students and serviced or repaired around 500 Mark 5 headstocks. I also have the right equipment to clean, repair, service and set the speed timing of your headstock and any other Shopsmith machine you may have.


Does your Shopsmith headstock need repair or an overhaul? We can do that for a fraction of the cost of a new headstock! We disassemble the headstock clean and service all components, replacing worn or damaged parts as needed and make all adjustments according to factory specifications. We will also suggest any upgrades. Most repairs can be completed in 1.5 to 3 hours so if you live close enough to drive to our shop we will, within reason, do the repair while you wait so that you don’t need to make two trips. This is an exclusive service of the Woodworking Academy. You must call first and make an appointment for this service. We are here to serve you!


Perhaps your headstock is fine and you only need to service the electric motor (not the complete headstock). This can be done as long as the windings are not burned out (burned windings inside the motor will have a dark color and broken strings that wrap the windings). You can call for assistance in determining if your motor is repairable. Contact us for rebuild pricing. This service covers removal and installation of sheaves and spring, clean out, inspection, and new bearings and other parts required for the motor to run smooth and quite. Worn parts associated with the sheaves and spring assembly carries an additional charge after your approval. Rebuild motors carry a limited 90 day warranty. Always package the motor well to prevent damage in shipment.